The Waffle Man

Last week, Millard South had a fundraiser involving the Waffle Man.   Waffles are good, so we went to partake.    The waffle man had, I don’t know… 20 waffle makers (the professional flip-over kind) and even when the line was insanely long, he managed to get through the line really fast.

There were about 10 kinds of syrup laid out… maple, pecan, several different fruity syrups.

It was really good.

After I left, though, I remembered why I always buy low-sugar syrup.   Ever had that feeling that you’ve had WAY too much sugar?   I know it seems impossible, but it happens.   I felt really blah.

So next week, when Brit’s school has the Waffle Man in (I know.. it’s crazy hopping from waffle benefit to waffle benefit.. but it’s a benefit for the school.   This is what I keep telling myself, anyway), I think I’ll be looking around for some low-sugar syrup.

By the way, there is also “The Pancake Man“, who is also super-awesome.   We normally see him at the Humane Society’s “Walk for the Animals“.

Millard South Shooting

Millard South High School

When I picked Brit up from school, I asked her if she had an interesting day.   She said, “Yes!  We had a code red and it was for real.”   In the car, we asked her for details.

“We were out on the playground after lunch.    The gym teacher started yelling for us to come in right now.   I thought, ‘What’s the rush?’, but I ran across the baseball field and walked up the hill, because it’s steep.    My teacher said to come into the classroom.   She had us all go to the corner, she turned the light off and locked the door.   Then we all started asking questions.    Two girls were crying and one was worried but didn’t cry.   One had to go to the bathroom really bad, but she couldn’t leave the room until the code red was cancelled.”

She had all sorts of rumours about why there was a code red, but they all had to do with a person shooting someone.   A student, who may have been expelled earlier in the day, walked into school and shot the vice principal and the principal.   The first is in critical condition; the second is in serious condition.   The student is dead by self-inflicted gunshot.

I was in a meeting at work when one of the managers came into the room and said, “Did you hear about the shooting at Millard South?”      Details trickled in, but once I heard all of the Millard schools were locked down, I felt a bit better.   The part of me that wanted to run out of the room and pick Brit up from school calmed down a bit.  :)   I love our school district.   I appreciate how they watch after our children and have these safety plans in place and practiced throughout the year.

I know Millard South well.  My brothers and I graduated from it.  Brit takes swimming lessons there.

I hope the people who were shot make a full recovery.

update:  Assistant Vice Principal Vicki Kaspar has died of her injuries.

British Crumpets

I think I have somewhat mastered the ability to make proper crumpets, thanks to Bo Friberg’s Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry book (sometimes referred to as the pastry bible) and tips from my very own Englishman about getting them cooked perfectly.

Making good crumpets requires a bit of patience, but not as much patience as making cinnamon rolls or bagels (which is why I’m not posting about making these things).   Everything is measured on a kitchen scale (do yourself a favor.. have a digital scale).   The eggs have to be at room temperature (there’s a cheat for this, involving a bowl of room temperature water).   The flour is an equal mix of cake and bread flour.   The milk has to be 105F to 115F to properly dissolve the yeast.   The yeast should not be rapid rise (although it’s all I have at the moment, so I do use it).  You have to have a decent flat pan (unlike our poor T-fal which doesn’t seem to prefer electric stoves, or the cast iron skillet which heats up much too quickly for my taste).    You have to brush the pan with clarified butter (it’s better than pouring it in.. trust me).   And you have to wait until just the right time to flip the crumpet over (once the holes have formed on the top).

You have to love eating crumpets, or know people who do (which I do!), because the recipe makes quite a few of them.

If you love to bake, want to try something new, or make something according to the way a pastry chef would, I highly recommend the book.     I’m going to find something new for the weekend, I think.

It’s a New Year

already.      I’m still having trouble letting go of summer, and realizing winter is here, let alone realizing it’s a new year.   

We spent part of NYE watching fireworks downtown (photos here), in the company of friends and munching down a few curried chicken dishes.   It’s an interesting part of town.  I imagined Omaha back in the early 1900’s, perhaps earlier, and the buildings that would have been around at that time.    It is amazing architecture, really.     It was the perfect place to see fireworks from.

Later, we went to House of Hunan, which I think is a great chinese restaurant.    We brought lots of leftovers home and had them the next day for lunch (after adding a few more red peppers).   I don’t think HoH takes us seriously when we say we like our food spicey.   :)   Next time, we’ll just ask them to make it really spicey. 

Back to work Monday.    Always fun after having a week off.    I’ll be searching for my next week off soon!  :)

Happy New Year!