Chinook Crash Victims

A memorial to the military who lost their lives in Afghanistan has been posted here.  People put their lives on the line for their country every day in the roughest of circumstances.   It is sad when they go in the line of duty.  RIP

Saying “So Long” to Summer

It’s been an interesting summer for Brit, I think, shuffling around from summer program to summer program, instead of sticking with one thing all summer.    This week marks the end of The Rose Theater program, which has lasted for 3 weeks.   The program involved benraku puppetry, and she seemed to be really excited about it.   Unfortunately, an illness is not allowing her to be in today’s performances, but I think she’ll be ready to go on Saturday.

In July, was a week of band camp, where kids from all over the school district came together to learn and perform together.   It was very cool to see the final performance and how well they learned 3 new pieces within a course of a week.

Before that was 3 weeks of summer school.   The reading portion didn’t go over so well, but the computer graphics half of the day was something Brit was pretty excited about.  We learned new things from it, too.   Let’s face it, there are a lot of fun sites computer graphics people know about that regular geeks do not.   Or I may just be speaking for myself.  :)

So, next week, it’s back to school.  It’s a whole new year in middle school, learning things like foreign languages and industrial arts, cooking, and participating in band AND choir.   Sounds like a busy year.

October will be here before we know it, then it’s off to Seattle, and hopefully a daytrip to Canada.  Yay!

Commentary on commentary

I’m not really understanding too much about the purpose of online commentary anymore.   Every single news story I see has a place for comments at the end.   Can I just say that people can be exeptionally ruthless?

People even have crappy things to say about people starving in Somalia.   This is ridiculous and disgusting.   It’s not all people are commenting vehemently about, but it’s the story I find least deserving of crappy comments at the moment.

I keep thinking… Would you say these things to a person’s face?   Would you actually stare a starving Somalian person in the face and say, “Tough luck.  Move somewhere else.” Or something 1000 times worse?

I guess everyone has an opinion and a right to express their opinion, but really?   Are we really living amongst so many exceptionally asinine people who just want to document their most hateful opinion on news stories about whatever story they find deserving of their abuse?

Maybe comment sections should be altered to say, “Please write the most inhumane, hateful thing you can think of here.   Just be a total ass.  Go ahead.”   Then the world of online commentary might begin to make sense.