A Bizarre Couple of Weeks

So the last couple of weeks have been a bit odd. One day, a man came banging on the door looking for someone he thought lived at our apartment. They got the security key from the management office, who said they knew this used to be my last name, but the person they were looking for didn’t live here. We had a word with management. Everything is cool now.

Over the weekend, some unexpected paperwork arrived. We were in a state of disbelief, but we cannot really explain more than that. We visited with a professional today and she made us feel better and gave us options for moving forward intelligently. This has saved us from mental breakdowns, I think. :) It was good of the professional to spend 2 hours talking to us, gratis, we are pretty sure.

Tomorrow, we are accomplishing some things on our list of must-do’s. It is a good to not feel lost, really.

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