Back to “Me”

I think sometimes it just takes some time to flip out a bit in the face of adversity, and return to your former self. The hazard of feeling “flipped out a bit” is that you worry if you’re permanently flipped out a bit, or if it is just a temporary thing.

It takes awhile, sometimes, to find strength, like it’s a lost thing in your handbag or in your luggage (if you’re a guy). Sometimes, it takes a bit of time to find perspective.

Sometimes, high blood pressure pills are needed. :)

In any event, life is interesting, isn’t it? I guess most of my life has been moving along on an even keel, but likely, the more horrid things have just become less horrid over time, or have faded into “that wasn’t really as important as it seemed at the time” oblivion. I thought life would be easier as it went along… lessons learned, and all that, but notsomuch. Mid-life seems to be about how to figure out how to deal with what life throws you, and realizing that no matter what, you can find a way to get through it.

I am blessed, really, and lucky, to have the friends and family that I have, who are such a joy to have in my life.