Facebook Hiatus

.. for however long it lasts… Maybe just today. I like being able to share photos with people and hear about what people are doing. There are other things not-so-fun.

I signed out of Facebook on my iPhone. I have to say, things have been a bunch quieter.

Did I mention that I have a new iPhone? It’s company provided, so it’s free while I’m employed, which is nice. It’s interesting watching it correct things (to the wrong words) or not correct things. :) Also, it’s fun dealing with intermittent slowness of updates, thanks to cell phone technology and availability.

I’ll catch up on photos later.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Hiatus

  1. Facebook is a minefield of potential misunderstandings and unintended sleights. It’s also annoying if that’s the only way you have of keeping in touch with some people in a more meaningful way than a spam-laden email that ends with “anyway, speak to you soon”.

    Don’t let it get to you.


  2. It’s the criticism and what seems like competition to say the most clever thing that get me some days. I’m over it for now. :)

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