When she was 6

Brittany would have been in 2nd grade.   Her teacher was Mrs. Asmus, and she was already getting a feel for excelling in math and spelling, and learning to hone her reading skills.   She had best friends, a group of girls she’d already known for two years.   She was in brownie scouts and loved to sled in the winter snow and romp around with her dogs at the park.   She brought home self-painted Valentine’s Day cards and loved to dance and sing.

It pains me to see the Connecticut school shooting.    Six and seven year old kids were murdered.     The Principal and other adults, psychologist, teachers, were also killed.    I don’t think anyone will ever make sense of how a 20 year old boy could end their lives.   How could he look at them and pull the trigger?        It is even more annoying that we can no longer ask him questions about what possessed him to do such a senseless thing or do anything to him to make him pay for what he’s done.    He’s taken the easy way out.    He is dead at his own hands.

I think we are all so touched by this tragedy, because we remember our own children’s (or another child’s) face and eyes and sounds of their voice as they play a game or see something interesting on TV around Christmastime, and can’t imagine them not being there anymore.    Someone has turned the lights out, and it shouldn’t have been their choice.

As we contemplate what can be done to avoid this sort of situation, I know the easy answer is to eliminate guns.  Full stop.     I don’t think that will do much good.    Plenty of drugs are illegal, but still utilized… by the criminals.   Do we really want guns only in the hands of the criminals?      The question is:  How many of the shootings are carried out by people who are utilizing a gun that doesn’t legally belong to them?    How do we stop those people from  getting those weapons?      If the gun legally belongs to them, then how is that possible?   Were they sane when they bought the weapon?

I think that people need to be screened somehow.   Been on drugs that treat a serious mental illness?   No gun for you.    Have a gun, and then have developed a serious mental illness, then maybe an annual check is in order for those situations.     Anger issues?   No. Is the applicant ok, but people in the house have mental issues: Just say No.

I don’t know…    How can you stop the insanity that ends an innocent child’s or an innocent adult’s life?