Riding the London Tube

London Tube!

London Tube!

I haven’t ridden a subway system since I went to Chicago on business years ago.   It was all exciting, as we have just buses for mass transit in Omaha, which isn’t very exciting, really.

Once we arrived at Ian’s mother’s and step-father’s house, it was a quick walk to the train station, where deciding which ticket to buy seemed like rocket science.    Luckily, the guy at the ticket counter was able to help us pick.   :)   The machines were just confusing.

The trains to King’s Cross weren’t so bad.  There were usually places to sit, but we liked to sit all together, so sometimes we stood together instead.

After arriving at King’s Cross, we had to find the right line of the subway to take.   The metro line is nice, and air conditioned, but the Circle line was quite crowded and not air conditioned.

You would think getting in a tube carriage PACKED with people would be unsettling, but you can always pack more in!  :)   Everyone just wants to go, packed or not.     It’s a good time for people watching and figuring out where people are going.   Like the girls who are all dressed up with their hair freshly curled and totally not falling apart at all, even in extreme heat and humidity.   I wanted to know how they did that.   I have no idea.

People were riding with their kids who had just been at hospital for tests.   Students from Italy (I know because their backpacks said they were from Italy) where heading somewhere or another.

There were a few times where it was announced, “People sitting in cars blah through blah, this train is not leaving the station.  You must instead go to car blah blah instead.”   Ok then.   Or, “Sorry for the misunderstanding, but this train may be going to Vermont instead of London.  If you don’t wish to go to Vermont, please exit and wait for the next train.”

All-in-all, it was a blast.   I felt metropolitan.   And, like watching a complex movie for the first time, you always learn more the second time around.    Getting the hang of the tube is something you learn about a little at a time.  When I go back, I’ll know more about various lines, and may even learn to use a tube map.

Or we may just let the Londoner (shown above) take care of all that.   :)

What do you mean, “We don’t want to go to Liverpool?”  :D


2 thoughts on “Riding the London Tube

  1. lol

    and we didn’t even see it when it was busy! In rush hour it’s 100 times more packed (even though it was pretty packed).

    Plus we chose the hottest days London has seen for nearly 30 years. Boy it was hot!

  2. I don’t know about that. Remember the time I said I wanted to wait for the next tube train? :) And then we decided to take the packed one anyway?

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