Missing my dog.

I just had a migraine (well, just the aura), and I’m thinking about how Ginger would sit by me when I wasn’t feeling well.   I miss her now, because she isn’t here.  She didn’t have to stop doing anything to comfort me.  She just knew when to sit by me and wait.

Once upon a time, I memorized a little poem that I can say when I miss someone who’s gone.  It’s this:

Turn Again to Life
Mary Lee Hall

If I should die and leave you here a while,

be not like others sore undone,

who keep long vigil by the silent dust and weep.

For my sake turn again to life and smile,

nerving thy heart and trembling hand

to do something to comfort other hearts than thine.

Complete these dear unfinished tasks of mine

and I perchance may therein comfort you.

It’s about the words, but it’s also about the repetition.  It’s almost like a prayer, only not.

Then there is this advice I gave to Britty when she was upset about life and couldn’t stop crying (somewhat like me, I think):

Breathe in the roses

Blow out the bubbles

Instead, I just have a parrot staring at me.  :)

A Thousand Years

“And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more”

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my adored husband who loves me just as I am.    Thank you for being the love of my life.

Bonne année (Happy New Year)

Our daughter was off to spend the night with her friend Alicia over New Year’s Eve. I think we’ve always had Brittany with us for NYE, so it was interesting figuring out what we would like to do on our own. We thought about going out to our favorite Thai restaurant, but instead we decided to pick up some trout and yummy scallops from our favorite fish monger (Absolutely Fresh).

In Nebraska, when we go to the grocer, we have a selection of fish. Catfish. Swai. Some sort of icky whitefish. Nothing worth eating. The salmon is likely good, but if you really want good, good fish, you have to make a special trip to the fish monger.

We watched a movie on Amazon (can’t remember what) and then we watched part of the festivities in New York City. I began wondering… why is the calendar changing to the New Year party-worthy? I don’t mean to be depressing at all. It’s just that every new year is full of its own challenges. I’ve had some pretty major challenges in the last year; some of them pretty amazing, some of them incomprehensible.

So if every year continues to have its own challenges, I suppose that it’s realizing that you’ve made it through the old year’s challenges or enjoyed the gifts of the previous year, and you’re moving into the unknown, where it can be good or bad; happy or heartbreaking, but hopefully mostly joyful.

Maybe it’s the feeling of comfort of the moment; being in a happy place, with a roof over our heads, access to all of the requirements to live on… plus something more.  And if we’ve started the New Year off in a horrid place, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

Maybe that is the point.

And getting to see LMFAO performing in Times Square. :)

I am waving “so-long” to the challenges of 2011 and saying, “Bring on more great things” to 2012.

Happy New Year!

Birthday Things

Wednesday was my birthday.   It was the first birthday where Ian’s been in the same country (and even in the same house) with me on my birthday.  It was nice to be able to celebrate with him and The Little Kid.

I got some nice presents, including a Cuttlebug that I can use with my cardmaking.    TLK and I had fun making cut-out butterflies and frogs, and playing with embossing, which I must say… using a machine to emboss is much easier than hand-embossing… more dramatic and less painful.  :)

The people at work bought me an ice cream cake and my friend put a banner on my cubicle so everyone knew.    I received flowers from my family in Texas and the funniest card from my family in Kansas.   I put a call into my parents via Skype, but had to leave a message.  Not sure if they’ll hear the voice mail.  My dad says he can’t get through the Italian prompts.. but maybe he can by now.  :)

We went to Applebees for dinner, which was nice.  They have good steaks and something wonderful called “Peach Sangria”  :)  Yum

Oh, and everyone I knew on FB said, “Happy Birthday”, which was fun.  :D

Overall, a really good day.   It is good to be 23 again.  “Mommy counts backwards now”.  LOL.

A Year Ago Tomorrow

.. was when I was leaving the UK to come home and file our fiance visa. Somehow, 1/2 an Ambien and knowing Ian was coming to America to stay made leaving a bit easier.

April 1 is the anniversary of our filing of the fiance visa. Gathering all the information together was a nightmare, especially while we were 6 hours apart. It really helped that Ian and I were together last March.. filling out forms, digging up supporting evidence of various things and photocopying what we needed. It would have been a long, drawn-out nightmare otherwise.

And here we are… married, legal residents, just filed our taxes and able to do stuff together after a long 7-month separation.

It’s happy and symbiotic.

Making Good Progress

In Immigration News,  we’re seeing some good progress on Ian’s “I want to stay in America with my wife” paperwork.

His card which authorises him to work for an American employer went to production, his paper which allows him to come back into the US if he has to leave temporarily (for holiday or emergency or what-not) is approved and on the way.

The request to remain (green card approval) has skipped over the interview phase and gone straight to California for approval, which is good.

This is what immigration used to look like.


I’m learning a LOT about flowers, as I try to choose some flowers I like for the wedding.  I think we’re going with silk, so I’ve been hanging around silk floral websites looking for odd things like “parrot tulips”.

I can now see a french garden rose and know exactly what it is and differentiate it from all the other roses.   Begonias.   Caladium leaves.   Lisianthius buds.   And my favorite: ranunculus.

I blame Martha Stewart, in a nice, sort of “Thank you for some amazing ideas” sort of way.


Hello, my name is Lisa

And you are?  :)

Things have been quite busy lately, and maybe a scosh stressful.

Work:  I have been working hard and doing other people’s work and muddling through the afteraffects of redundancies, leavings and other miscellany.   I have my job, but it’s been stressful.   I’ve been letting things get to me.   Sometimes my day seems like a slew of joking around and not taking things seriously, which I could mostly do without.   The key is to keep busy, I think, and work to change my tolerance levels.   :D

Expecting:  The good news is that we are expecting an alien.. and not what you are thinking.   Ian is moving to the US!   We are mid-visa-process, which involves lots of fun paperwork, mostly on Ian’s part now, and lots of fun waiting.    Our petition, which included proof of who we are, a resume citing where we’ve lived and worked for… ages…., proof of our relationship, photographs, and a couple of handy notes saying, essentially, “Yes, darn it.  We do actually want to get married”, involved a couple weeks of work and over 75 pages of documentation.

The fun part was photocopying everything.   Photocopying machines and I do NOT get along.   I called Ian midway, very perturbed after several paperjams and dealing with feeding irregular sizes of paper, ready to just lose my mind.  He said, “Step back from the machine… keep stepping back….  Now.   Take a deep breath.”    :D  (Fecking photo machines)

We’re watching a site called visajourney.com to see where we stand in the process.   So far, most of the February people signed up for the site have been approved and some March approvals have even rolled in.   April (our month) will not be far behind.

Once the petition is approved, then it’s shipped to London, where Ian fills out another batch of paperwork, I send him a few more things, then he makes medical and interview appointments, gets approval, gets his visa in his passport and then flies over.

[Having seen a window of opportunity to tell his boss about his impending plans, the cat is now out of the bag, in that regard.  It went well, really, although I'm guessing it was a tough conversation.  Ian enjoys his job so much.]

We get married.

We apply for an “adjustment of status” (so he can permanently stay), “advanced leave” (so he can leave the country and be let back in) and permission to work.

We have a wedding to plan, social security cards to get, and someone needs to learn to drive on the wrong side of the road while looking in opposite spots for oncoming traffic.

We are hoping for October.   And it just MAY happen by then, by the look of it.

So, there.   That’s how I’ve been spending my summer so far.    I’m not wishing my life away, but I’m hoping for a speedy summer.    Ok, maybe I am.   :D

You Know..

you’ve found the right person when, even from 4,000 miles away, they can tell you’re upset by the slightest change of your voice and:

1. “Nothing’s wrong!  Gotta go!”, even in a cheerful tone, will not get prompt them to let you go.  

2. Whatever thing you pick to say is bothering you, doesn’t work as an excuse for why you’re upset.  (“No, what is it really?”)   :)

3. They want to hear what is bothering you, even though you precursor it all by saying, “I know I’m being stupid, and that’s why I just don’t want to talk about it.  Can we just not talk about it?” 

4. They skip dinner just to listen to your sad, sad (stupid) story and call you back when Skype disconnects… to talk to you from the middle of the street, just to make sure you’re ok.

5. They do everything they can to make it all better.   :)

(and they say there is not a God.   Wait…  )   (j/k on that one)

My Honey is a Busker

Not “Husker“.   “Busker”    :)     He’s off with a stack of poetry to the Milton Keynes mall to do a little reading (or a lot of reading) with one or two of his poetic collegues.   I’ll be interested to hear how it goes.   I bet it’ll be fun and very worth seeing, if you happen to be in Milton Keynes, UK over the weekend.

Guess what?    This coming week is my last full week at home before I leave for the UK.    It’s a little nerve-wracking flying all that way, but at least I’ll know what to expect this time.   It’s weird having the sun go down and come back up so quickly.      The border control will be inquisitive, but I always see this as a good thing, as long as they let me through.   :)

We pretty much have an open schedule.   I only know for sure that we’re going to the sea, which I’m really looking forward to, and seeing all of Ian’s family, which is wonderful and spending time with Jane and Fletch, which is always fun.    We just won’t say the “L” word (“Leffe”).

Meanwhile, back in Nebraska, it is March 6 and we are having a full-blown thunder storm.   The retriever is restless.  The schnauzer will be hiding under the bed.

Have a great weekend!