My Honey is a Busker

Not “Husker“.   “Busker”    :)     He’s off with a stack of poetry to the Milton Keynes mall to do a little reading (or a lot of reading) with one or two of his poetic collegues.   I’ll be interested to hear how it goes.   I bet it’ll be fun and very worth seeing, if you happen to be in Milton Keynes, UK over the weekend.

Guess what?    This coming week is my last full week at home before I leave for the UK.    It’s a little nerve-wracking flying all that way, but at least I’ll know what to expect this time.   It’s weird having the sun go down and come back up so quickly.      The border control will be inquisitive, but I always see this as a good thing, as long as they let me through.   :)

We pretty much have an open schedule.   I only know for sure that we’re going to the sea, which I’m really looking forward to, and seeing all of Ian’s family, which is wonderful and spending time with Jane and Fletch, which is always fun.    We just won’t say the “L” word (“Leffe”).

Meanwhile, back in Nebraska, it is March 6 and we are having a full-blown thunder storm.   The retriever is restless.  The schnauzer will be hiding under the bed.

Have a great weekend!

I am not a poet

One night, late at night, whilst we were waiting to make a phone call to the US to TLK, Ian sat down at the computer desk and said, “Right. Let’s write a poem together.”

Step 1: Figure out what you’re writing about
Step 2: Brainstorm words
Step 3: Decide if you’re wanting to rhyme or not.  And where.   
Step 4: (I am probably leaving a lot out, but) Write down the poem

Uhhh… Honey? Did you fix that poem? hehe

Hi. I do not write poetry. But I know someone who does.


(look down… there is another post for today)