WordPress Plug-ins I’ve Learned to Appreciate

… while configuring my corporate Intranet. Yes, I did create a corporate Intranet using WordPress. It’s nice and now some end-users are able to maintain it/add posts, which leaves me time to do something besides publish things. :)
Here are some plug-ins I’ve used and found valuable.

Attachment Manager – My company has loads of PDF documents/forms.  Using Attachment Manager saves me the trouble of physically attaching each document to pages or posts.   It is a huge timesaver to use the WP gallery to upload documents, check the checkbox on my page or post to show all the documents for that page or post in the page or post, and off we go!

Active Directory Integration – It used to be that end-users had to create an account, then make up a password, just for the Intranet.   This generated lots of “I forgot my password” calls, even though the Drupal iteration of the website had a password reset facility accessible to each end-user.   After transitioning to WordPress and purchasing dedicated IP hosting, we were able to use this plug-in to pass information from active directory.   It works nicely!   Now all we have to do is remind people their password is the same across the board.   

Calendar – My company schedules in-services for training purposes, at least monthly.  Guess who’s in charge of video taping them?  Me!    Having an online calendar showing when all the in-services are was just that bit of chocolate cake that made life a bit easier for people wanting to attend in-services and people like me, needing to know when to videotape them.

Flash Video Player – There are may ways to play videos on WP, but this plug-in makes it easy.   A quick code into a page or post puts the video in place.    Easy to configure options allow for a different visual presentation.  Nice and simple.  That’s what I like!

Login & Logout – This little guy puts a logout link on your blog.  When your blog is protected, it’s nice to have.   As an admin, it provides a link to the dashboard, which saves a bit of time and space over WordPress’ meta widget.   End users get a link to adjust their profile instead.   This is a good-to-have plug-in.

Members – An important piece of the corporate Intranet, this allows for pages not meant for all end-users eyes to be blocked from their view.   For example, management  pages not intended for the general public or Board Member pages meant only for Board members, you can do it with this plug-in by just creating roles and checking a “board members only” checkbox on the page.   It’s slick.

Weather Widget – Nice to have because we go outside so much.  It’s good to know if we need our winter parka or an umbrella.

WP-Sticky – A “nice to have” when you like to have one post stick to the top of the page, regardless of its age.     During our fund-raising campaigns, we like to keep this information upfront and readily accessible.

Private WordPress – Because your integration with AD doesn’t matter much unless you have a page that people must log into before accessing your site!    This locks down the Intranet nicely.

WordPress Custom Logo Login – Nice to have, this plug-in removes the WordPress Logo and allows you to insert your own logo and add whatever wording you want to your login page.

Audit Trail – Because I had a need to see who’s been accessing the site or failing to log in, this is a nice-to-have for some types of troubleshooting.

Post Expirator – Because I don’t want to spend a lot of time taking down outdated information that no one wants to see after a certain date, this plug-in expires a post after a date I set and sends it over to the draft queue for historical purposes.     It saves me the time of unnecessary reading and weeding out.

That’s it for now.   Just thought I’d give some credit to these people for creating something I find very useful.  If you have a plug-in you’ve found useful, I’d love to hear about it.